Because bad things happen…

We’re here to minimise the risk of IT failures before they happen, and if they do, we’ll be with you when you need us most. With 20% of all companies suffering fire, theft, flood or storm damage, power failures, terrorism or hardware/software disaster at some point, IDT is here to minimise the impact on your business.

Ensuring your business continues.

Reassuringly different

Our sophisticated internet based disaster recovery solution will tick all the boxes in your business continuity plan and give you the peace of mind, knowing should the worst occur, your business will continue to function – with your information and staff being reconnected as fast as possible through our sophisticated server back-up.

Server backups

Sophisticated solutions.

  • 256-bit encryption – all your data 
 backed up, compressed and 
 encrypted with 256-bit encryption.
  • Microsoft Exchange server mail-
 level backup – restoring your 
 individual emails, calendars and 
 contact lists.
  • In-file delta incremental/
 differential backup – backing up 
 your original files.


Dedicated data centres.

Few businesses have their own data centres. Which is where IDT’s Server hosting and co-location hosting service can help. Our high spec data centres are designed to house and protect your servers, making sure you are online and available to your clients at all times of day and night.

Virtual solutions

Running at maximum efficiency.

Virtualisation is a proven technology which enables one computer to perform the functions of many. You get higher availability of resources, better server management, increased security and a better disaster recovery processes. You can also expect lower energy costs and reduced capital costs.

Cloud back ups keep your business up and running.

Cloud hosting gives you more flexibility and scalability, without the expense of physical hardware…and with IDT you only pay for what you use. Take a closer look.

Cloud Services

Cyber security services: why let a drama turn into a crisis?

Bad things happen, but they don’t have to affect your business. Discover powerful cyber security solutions that make certain your business continues uninterrupted, regardless of online threats.

Cyber Security

“Our solution is a fully managed service, we can concentrate on what we do best, leaving the core IT systems in IDT’s capable hands.””

Frazer Kendon | Director | Kendon Packaging Group PLC

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