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Every project is different, but our aim is always the same: to realise the full potential of your IT communications and networking. Here’s a few examples of how IDT made a real difference.

Mander Cruickshank Solicitors

For years, the business had been using an on-premises PBX telephony solution with ageing ISDN lines. Approximately 50 handsets were being used throughout the business, across two sites. As well as frustrating staff, the limitations and failings of the existing system created escalating costs through expensive repairs and maintenance contracts.

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W1 Anaesthesia

The business was running company emails on a local Windows Small Business Server 2011 environment, and becoming increasing reliant on email for both client and customers communication. W1 Anaesthesia knew it needed to invest in productivity applications but was unclear of the options available, in particular, it was unaware how to maximise its return on investment.

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The National Justice Museum

The National Justice Museum and City of Caves were increasingly seeking personalised and shareable experiences to fully engage with their visitors and enhance their visitor experience. IDT implemented a complete Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi solution consisting of 43 access points spanning across 2 sites providing both Corporate and Guest Wi-Fi networks

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The National Football Museum

A perceived lack of confidence in the level of support being provided by its previous IT support - along with poor response times and some fundamental failings regarding security and disaster recovery - led the National Football Museum to seek an alternative provider, when IDT were invited to join the tender process.

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Kendon Packaging Group PLC

IDT was able to simplify the core backup of the Groups IT infrastructure and in key areas ensure hourly snapshots of the business critical systems. Having the ability store the backup snapshots both to a local backup Repository and also ia Scale-out solution into IDT's Data Centre was key for Kendon's

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The Security Institute

As an organisation operating in a heavily regulated environment and with cyber security being a top priority, Security Institute was looking to achieve Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation, a government-based scheme that is an extension of the Cyber Essentials framework.

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