W1 Anesthesia

"I can't overstate the difference IDT makes to our business."

W1Anaesthia is London's largest private anesthesia group, having been established for over 20 years. With an outstanding team of more than 12 anesthetists, the business works with some of London's leading surgeons and facilities to provide outstanding, individual and personal pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative care to over 50,000 patients a year.

The Challenge

The business was running company emails on a local Windows Small Business Server 2011 environment, and becoming increasing reliant on email for both client and customers communication. W1 Anaesthesia knew it needed to invest in productivity applications but was unclear of the options available. In particular, it was unaware how to maximise its return on investment, and how they would link to existing 3rdparty systems.

The Solution

After closely reviewing how the team worked, IDT managed a carefully-staged project plan to migrate the on-premises server over to Microsoft 365 cloud environment. This meant ensuring disruption was minimal and that the busy anaesthetists’ working schedule was not affected. Given the complex nature of this project - and the 3rd party software and systems we needed to implement with – we decided phasing the project over two months was the sensible approach.

This required a hybrid Microsoft 365 solution, whereby local and cloud based Active Directories were synchronised, users were configured (to use on premise server applications and cloud-based services concurrently), and data was synchronised between the two. This enabled IDT to successfully decommission the old servers once the migration had been successfully completed


The Microsoft 365 transition was completed successfully and by doing so enabled W1Anaethesia's team to access to their emails/files from whichever hospital they were working from, from any device and with the ability to share crucial information with back office staff instantly. This also improved resilience and efficiency from users employing common versions of productivity applications, and provided access to the latest collaborative technology, such as Teams and SharePoint.


"It's hard to think how we worked before we migrated to the cloud. Everything is so quick and easy to collaborate with our anaesthetists now, from ad hoc teams meetings to sharing up to date patient information. IDT understood the challenges we had, even though we didn’t. Having them explain to us in simple non-technical terms how and what they were going to do made it for us non-technical, non-IT people easy to understand.”

Jill Tremayne, Harley Street Office Manager, W1Anaesthesia

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