The Security Institute

Achieving Cyber Essentials accreditation.

As the UK’s largest professional membership body for security professionals, the Security Institute has over 4,000 members. Since 2000, the Security Institute has been working to promote the highest possible standards of integrity and professional competence in the business of security.

The Challenge

As an organisation operating in a heavily regulated environment and with cyber security being a top priority, Security Institute was looking to achieve Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation, a government-based scheme that is an extension of the Cyber Essentials framework. Cyber Essentials addresses 80% of the most common cyber threats, while providing the foundation to tackle the remaining 20% that are business-specific. The Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation includes additional elements, such as internal business scan and on-site assessment for further protection from cyber threats

The Solution

IDT worked closely with the Security Institute on the accreditation project from start to finish. Chief Executive Rick Mounfield takes up the story. “The IDT team was excellent. They are very knowledgeable and were supportive throughout the entire process. The framework was exactly what we needed and helped us cement our cyber security strategy get the right procedures and controls in place.”


After achieving the certification, the Security Institute saw notable benefits both internally and among its members. Staff within the organisation are more aware of the cyber threat, the need for constant vigilance and the processes that need to be followed. For our members, there is an increased level of confidence. “We know that cyber security is an ongoing process, but having a framework like this in place means that we have the right foundation to keep our infrastructure, data and members information safe.”


“The fact that Cyber Essentials Plus is endorsed by the government is very important to us, especially as we look to promote safer working habits online. Our IT Partner, IDT were faultless during this project from start to finish helping us achieve the accreditation.

“Great service, Great team.”

Rick Mounfield, Chief Executive, Security Institute

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It might go without saying that we take your IT security extremely seriously. But it’s that important, we’ll say it. Our network and computer security solutions block spam, prevent viruses, detect and remove spyware, keep out hackers, and safeguard your valuable data against every threat.

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