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You already know the need for security. You know the need to protect valuable information like customer records, credit card details, accounting and email data. You also know that viruses, spyware and hackers all threaten the safety of your business data. So how will we protect your business?

IDT security solutions you might consider:

  • Anti-Virus. Very simple…it protects your devices against security threats by preventing, detecting and removing malware.
  • Firewalls. Prevent the access of unauthorised users to your private networks and block the spread of malware attacks.
  • Email Filtering/Scanning. Emails are one of the most common methods for a cyber attack – making Email Security crucial.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication. Implementing Multi-Factor authentication is a secure way of ensuring that digital users are who they say they. By requiring that they provide at least two pieces of evidence you can reassuringly prove their identity.

Cloud hosting builds even more security into your networks.

When you’re looking for extra security, flexibility and scalability, see why cloud hosting and cloud-based backups with IDT Cloud Servers are the more cost effective virtual hosting solution.

Cloud Services

“IDT were faultless during this project from start to finish helping us achieve the accreditation. “Great service, Great team.””

Rick Mounfield | Chief Executive | The Security Institute

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