Wigston Academy

"The professionalism and level of service is why we are loyal to IDT."

Wigston Academy is a mixed secondary school located in Wigston, Leicestershire, England. It was formed in September 2015 through the merger of Abington Academy and Bushloe High School. The school forms part of The Wigston Academies Trust, together with neighbouring Wigston College.

The Challenge

Sustained downtime had the onsite technicians out of ideas. Sporadic outages elsewhere meant they had to seek IDT’s help, as suggested by a staff member who had previous experience of the high level of IDT’s service and support. We had to work with a poorly documented and constructed network. Our engineers quickly identified the switching issues and, with a combination of configuration changes and by replacing devices, the outages were immediately ended. So impressed was he by our response and methodology, and the everyday language we used, Executive Headteacher Mark Mitchley tasked us with resolving other ongoing issues that had the local technicians stumped.

The Solution

Our experience of the Academy’s systems now meant we were in a much stronger position to offer suggestions on immediate and future infrastructure changes. Our major focus was replacing out-of-date server hardware. After analysing several different virtual server options, we quickly identified a solution that would implement well with the Academy’s existing infrastructure. It was important that not only was the solution fit for purpose, but that IDT had the expertise to implement it, and that existing IT staff at the Academy were comfortable with using it. The new servers were incorporated quickly and efficiently, with a seamless migration process – zero downtime required. All students and staff across the school have seen the benefit, with much faster access to resources and, more importantly, a much more reliable experience.

Next we turned our attention to a backup procedure that was currently unreliable. It is important that data is not only backed up consistently, but that it’s stored in more than one location. We completely removed the old solution which, when it did work, would only back up to a consumer-grade storage solution in an office. We swiftly put in place an enterprise-level backup solution that backs up data on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. More importantly, the data is backed up to multiple locations for peace of mind.


The Academy has gone from daily outages with staff and students almost accepting the failings of the network to a solution that has had zero downtime since its implementation. Our performance during this period made the offer of becoming the Academy's external IT Support partner a no brainer. We were quickly signed up to a three year agreement and are now planning projects up to and beyond this time.


“I’ve gone from losing sleep over staff and students work not being protected to not even thinking about IT and when I do need to think about IT, I just have to speak to IDT and they sort.”

Mr M Mitchley, Executive Headteacher, Wigston Academy

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